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In the world of high-tech companies, business moves at Internet speed. Dickinson Wright understands this, and has built a strong reputation in the technology sector by working closely with high-tech companies from inception through various growth stages. By applying a cross-functional approach, we have the institutional know-how to protect ideas and technology, raise capital and provide advice on growth and development. Our team is also experienced in high-profile technology acquisitions.

Some of the business technology practice’s areas of expertise include:

  • Technology transfer & licensing, including licensing, drafting and negotiation of enterprise software; developing software asset management programs; evaluating and securing intellectual property rights; developing “shrink wrap” and “click through” agreements; counseling on software audits; licensing patents, digital content, technical know-how and trade secrets; capitalizing patent portfolios and executing field-of-use-cross-licenses. 
  • Internet & E-Commerce, including: website development and hosting agreements; privacy policies; intellectual property consultation; hyperlinking, co-branding and authorized framing; application service provider (ASP) agreements; encryption issues and domain name and cyber-squatting disputes. 
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures, including: joint marketing agreements, development of new ventures based on technology and intellectual assets and service agreements.
  • Intellectual property, including: patent and trademark prosecution; copyright registration and infringement; acquisitions and sales of patents; patent validity, enforceability and infringement opinions; advertising claims; registrability investigations and opinions. 
  • General corporate/entity matters, including: organization and capitalization of business entities; corporate governance; incentive compensation plans; regulatory compliance; shareholder rights; boards of directors’ duties and responsibilities; record-keeping; conflicts of interest and anti-takeover protections.
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