Artist Representation

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We have been actively involved in the development of artists’ careers from the ground up. Sometimes our firm is the key component in putting producers, managers and artists together to form a team to help the artist or band position themselves for the right deal.

Here are some examples of the work that we have either performed for artists or been actively involved in (many times through the manager or agent):

• Speculation production agreement drafts and negotiations
• Demo deals with major labels
• Single deals with major labels
• Album deals with major labels
• Multiple album guarantee deals
• Renegotiation or recording agreements
• Record label royalty audits
• Renegotiations after royalty audits
• Complaint resolution for royalty audits
• Negotiated management agreements
• Negotiated tour branding agreements
• Agent agreements
• Branding and touring agreements
• Likeness and imaging agreements
• Soap opera appearance agreements
• Film appearance agreements
• Film and TV synch licensing
• SoundExchange registrations and monitoring
• Band employment agreements
• Band partnership and/or LLC agreements
• Confidentiality agreements
• Book deals (biographies as well as some with specialty songs or albums)
• Confidential settlements
• Copyright litigation defense and management
• Touring corporations
• Prenuptial agreements
• Plane and bus purchases and leases
• General liability, touring, copyright infringement and kidnapping, and specialty insurance
• Management agreements
• Business management agreements
• Life insurance policies
• Career-ending insurance policies
• Recapturing sound recording rights
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