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Whether it’s a game show, prime time reality series, or even the Oscars™, a TV hosting gig can be a game-changing step for an actor or media personality. It provides a platform for launching fledgling careers or cementing an established star’s prominence as a household name. Our lawyers understand what’s at stake, having spent years negotiating and drafting TV host deals for emerging talent as well as well-known film and television personalities. We work closely with each client, providing trusted guidance through every step of the process.

When a Dickinson Wright client lends their name and likeness as host of a TV show, we protect all aspects of their valuable brand. This means scrutinizing each deal to ensure it serves a star’s immediate needs as well as those that may arise far into the future. We craft agreements that tick all the boxes for working conditions and compensation, but also contemplate new ways the show will be distributed thanks to emerging technology. Our broad approach safeguards the intellectual property rights that form the building blocks of a client’s career and are crucial to their success.

Our work in this area includes:

• Negotiating and drafting TV host deals on behalf of actors and other talent.
• Representing clients in negotiations with major television production companies.
• Addressing issues related to compensation, residual rights, and working conditions.
• Managing intellectual property protection as well as copyrights and trademarks.
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