Entertainment, Sports and Media

To succeed in the fields of entertainment, sports and media, you need to have the right people around you: advisors you trust and respect, who will deliver what you need when you need it. Dickinson Wright has a team of legal professionals with broad experience to provide legal assistance across a wide range of issues specific to the industries of entertainment, sports and media. Our team also regularly works in the related areas of arts and communications.

Our entertainment, sports and media practice expertise includes:

  • Advising and representing professional athletes, major sports figures, international organizations and various leagues in the U.S. and Canada on matters including branding, licensing, endorsement deals, promotions and many others.
  • Providing legal advice to player agents, sports management companies, owners, managers and venues. 
  • Assisting film industry clients with a wide variety of matters, including tax credits, production and development arrangements, talent contracts, distribution and syndication issues, production-related issues and many others. 
  • Representing visual artists, authors, performers, photographers, galleries and collectors in matters relating to the production, sale and donation of art and the protection of rights in cultural property. 
  • Counseling the diverse needs of creative talent (artists, musicians, songwriters, actors, TV/radio personalities and authors) regarding talent agreements, recording and publishing transactions, advertising, endorsements and a wide range of other legal matters. 
  • Representing performers, producers, production companies, television networks, management companies, video and record companies, special effects companies, concert promoters, ticket distribution agents, and owners of gaming, nightclub, restaurant and entertainment facilities. 
  • Assisting publishers of specialty publications, PR/advertising agencies, cable networks, trade show producers and other media clients with legal services, including labor and employment contracts, talent contracts, venue contracts and many other matters.

To learn more about major areas of our Media, Sports and Entertainment practice, please select from among the following:

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