Certificate of Need and Licensing

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Healthcare Administrative Laws – Certificate of Need and Licensing



Our healthcare law attorneys navigate clients through state and federal administrative rules governing the healthcare industry.  


Whether you are proposing to form a new health care facility or your existing facility intends to build, add a new covered medical service, modify its physical space, or undertake a significant new capital expenditure, our experienced health care law attorneys can help you at every step of the licensing and regulatory approval process. This includes, but is not limited to, managing the certificate of need, facility licensure, state approval, survey, facility accreditation, and Medicare enrollment requirements. We work with clients to put in place the strategic plans necessary to timely obtain the necessary approvals of their ventures.


Additionally, our attorneys help healthcare professionals and facilities with licensure and other similar proceedings of state and federal agencies.  Whether defending a professional’s license against state prosecution or addressing controversies with state and federal agencies, our attorneys are familiar with how to handle the process.  We have extensive experience with the administrative law side of healthcare.

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