Seth B Waxman

Seth B. Waxman

Seth is a preeminent and nationally recognized white collar criminal defense and government investigations attorney, as well as a frequent legal commentator on national television and in print media.  Samples of Seth’s media appearances are linked in the “Insights” section of this web page (“Click to View”) and on his Twitter account @sethwaxman.

As a Dickinson Wright partner, Seth handles the firm’s most challenging and high profile criminal cases and investigations.  Prior to joining Dickinson Wright, Seth was a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for thirteen years and worked an additional seven years as a criminal defense lawyer in two leading international law firms located in Manhattan and Washington, D.C. 

Seth is a seasoned trial lawyer, having been lead counsel in more than sixty jury trials, thirty bench trials, and fifteen matters on appeal.  His practice covers a wide range of financial crimes, public corruption matters, and other government investigations, including health care fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) cases, environmental crimes, whistleblower matters, securities fraud, computer hacking cases, foreign agent registration act (FARA) matters, Ponzi schemes, gaming matters, and other matters involving charges of conspiracy, bribery, wire/mail fraud, constitutional law, election law, and money laundering. Seth also leads complex corporate internal investigations designed to investigate corporate wrongdoing and determine whether disclosures are required to the Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, or other regulatory bodies.  

With more than two decades of experience handling high profile, sensitive criminal matters and investigations, Seth prides himself on tirelessly fighting for his clients to protect their rights and restore their reputations.

Education & Credentials


Florida State University

B.S., 1992

University of Virginia School of Law

  • Law Review

Bar Admission

  • New York
  • District of Columbia

Prominent Assignments

  • Environmental Crimes: Represented a senior Michigan state official in the Flint, Michigan water crisis criminal prosecution
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA): Represented an alleged middleman in what was publicized as the “World’s Largest Bribery Scheme,” involving Unaoil
  • Health Care Fraud:
    • Represented a doctor investigated for paying health care practitioners bribes in exchange for patient referrals
    • Represented a pharmacy sales representative investigated for paying bribes to doctors in exchange for compounding cream prescriptions
    • Represented specialty pharmacy owners in an embezzlement matter
    • Represented the owner of a durable medical equipment company alleged to have improperly inflated Medicare/Medicaid claims
    • Investigated a non-profit charter school for submitting millions of dollars in false claims to Medicaid for special education services
  • Internal Investigation:
    • Conducted an internal investigation into commercial bribery for an investment adviser that managed over $1 billion in assets.

    • Conducted an internal investigation into accounting fraud and the improper realization of assets for a publicly traded, Fortune 500 company.

    • Conducted an internal investigation into accounting fraud and the misuse of corporate funds for a publicly traded company.

    • Conducted an internal investigation into the misuse of association funds and hostile work environment for an international association. 

  • Whistleblower: Represented an employee in a whistleblower matter relating to the employer’s failure to maintain and properly protect classified information
  • Securities Fraud:
    • Represented the Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded company that allegedly engaged in improper revenue recognition and securities fraud.
    • Represented the Chief Executive Officer of a closely held company that allegedly engaged in conduit municipal bond securities fraud.
  • Gaming: Investigated an international money laundering conspiracy involving an internet gambling payment processor
  • Ponzi Schemes: Prosecuted a $100 million Ponzi scheme involving on-line advertising
  • Other matters:
    • Represented the band NSYNC in a contract dispute relating to an IMAX production of the band’s concerts
    • Prosecuted the Delafield Mob for RICO and a wide range of illegal activities, including five murders, twenty-two attempted murders, narcotics offenses, and weapons offenses
    • Represented Chinese national charged with illegally exporting elephant ivory from the United States to China
    • Represented nuclear power plants and numerous states in a dispute with the Department of Energy over the storage of spent nuclear fuel


  • Interviewed on MSNBC, “Does Trump’s Failure to Hold Russians Accountable Indicate he May be Compromised,” February 19, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on CNN, “The Impact of Rick Gates Cooperating with the Special Counsel Against Paul Manafort,” February 19, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on MSNBC, “Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 1 U.S. Citizen for Tampering with 2016 Election,” February 16, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on MSNBC, “Further Analysis on Russian Indictments,” February 16, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on Sirius Radio Steele and Ungar Show, “Further Analysis on Russian Indictments,” February 16, 2018

  • Interviewed on MSNBC, “The Impact of the Nunes Memo on the Russia Investigation,” February 3, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on CNN, “Does FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s Resignation fit into an Obstruction Case against the President,” January 30, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on Fox, “Obstruction Evidence in the Russia Investigation,” January 28, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on MSNBC, “Trump’s Reversal on Meeting with Robert Mueller for an Interview,” January 11, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on CNN, “Will Robert Mueller interview the President in connection with the Russia investigation,” January 8, 2018 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on MSNBC Ari Melber show, “Trump’s Obstruction can be Charged as Part of Conspiracy,” January 5, 2018 (Click to View) 

  • Interviewed on MSNBC Craig Melvin Show, “Steve Bannon claims Russian Trump Tower Meeting was Treasonous and Unpatriotic,” January 3, 2018 (Click to View)
  • Quoted in The Hill article, “Ex-federal prosecutor:  Mueller would sue if Trump tries to fire him,” December 19, 2017
  • Interviewed on MSNBC Ari Melber Show, “Growing Right Wing Push to Oust Mueller,” December 18, 2017 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on MSNBC Ari Melber Show, “Trump’s Defense to Russia Investigation,” December 15, 2017 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on Fox News, “Michael Flynn Indicted in Russia Probe,” December 1, 2017 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on Fox News, “Additional analysis on Michael Flynn’s Indictment for Lying to the FBI,” December 1, 2017 (Click to View)

  • Co-Author, “Marijuana Money Challenges Nevada Casinos’ Anti-Money Laundering Compliance,” Chambers and Partners’ Global Gaming & Licensing Guide, October 2017

  • Interviewed on Fox News, “Trump/Russia Investigation: Indictment Imminent,” October 30, 2017 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on Fox News, “Can Donald Trump and Other Elected Officials Restrict Access to their Twitter and Facebook Pages,” August 2, 2017 (Click to View)

  • Interviewed on Fox News, “Donald Trump Jr.’s Colluding with the Russians,” July 17, 2017 (Click to view)

  • Quoted in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Report regarding bribe payments by the Sands Casino to Chinese officials, “Nine Months After SEC Settlement, Las Vegas Sands Pays $7M Penalty to Bring DOJ Investigation to a Close,” March 1, 2017

  • Interviewed on Fox News, “Was White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus’s contact with the FBI regarding the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s involvement in the U.S. Presidential election illegal or otherwise improper,” February 24, 2017(Click to view)

  • Keynote Speaker, Public Contracting Institute, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Presentation, September 28, 2016

  • Quoted in CNBC article relating to Hillary Clinton’s improper handling of classified information, “What happens if you lie to Congress,” July 7, 2016 (Click to view)

  • Interviewed on Fox News, “Orlando Shooter’s Wife may be Criminally Responsible,” June 15, 2016 (Click to view)

  • Quoted in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) publication, “How Nortek and Akamai Escaped SEC and DOJ Prosecution for Chinese Bribery,” June 15, 2016

  • Interviewed on CNBC, “Insider Trading Web,” May 19, 2016 (Click to view)

  • Interviewed in Law360, "Dickinson Wright Nabs White Collar, Securities Pro From DOJ," May 17, 2016

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