Williams Elected President of U.S. Law Firm Group

J. Bryan Williams Elected President of U.S. Law Firm Group

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - Mr. J. Bryan Williams of Dickinson Wright PLLC has been elected President of the United States Law Firm Group, Inc. (USLFG). The USLFG consists of a national network of 19 general practice United States law firms serving as a loose affiliation referring business to member firms. Each independent firm is headquartered in a major city in one of the country's leading commercial states, and most have additional offices outside their home jurisdictions. Outside the United States, USLFG firms have offices and extensive experience with lawyers and law firms around the globe. "Variations in the laws and court systems of America's 50 states make knowledge of local and regional policies and practices essential. Every USLFG firm has many years of experience in its own region and is able to refer clients to other member firms to satisfy clients' specific requirements throughout the United States," said Mr. Williams. "Members of USLFG firms can also provide clients with effective assistance in selecting competent counsel in all significant commercial countries throughout the world." Members of the USLFG's 14 practice area committees meet frequently and regularly confer via telephone and e-mail regarding current legal and practice developments in virtually every area of local, regional, national and international law. Member firms, each of which are a separate entity, have worked with each other for more than 17 years and now have more than 4,000 lawyers in 118 offices in 91 cities situated in 29 states, the District of Columbia and 10 foreign countries. The USLFG, formed in 1984, has 19 trustees who meet three times each year to consider law firm management and operational matters. Mr. Williams was Chief Executive Officer of the Dickinson Wright firm from 1991 through 2000 and currently serves as a Vice Chairman of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the National Club Association and as a member of the Board of Directors of The Detroit Legal News Company. Dickinson Wright PLLC is a full service law firm with five offices in Michigan and one in Washington, D.C., with nearly 200 attorneys practicing in more than 35 specialty areas.
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