Columbus Attorney Terrence O'Donnell Comments on Ohio's Clean Energy Freeze in the Toledo Blade

July 28, 2014
Dickinson Wright Attorney Terrence O’Donnell recently spoke with the Toledo Blade for their article “Advocates hope to hold the line on 2-year freeze”.

Ohio clean-energy advocates want to ensure Ohio’s new two-year freeze on renewable energy mandates for utilities, signed into law by Ohio Governor John Kasich six weeks ago, becomes just that – a timeout from requirements set forth under a 2008 law and not a backdoor strategy to repeal it after this fall’s gubernatorial election. “One of the messages we want to convey is we continue to engage,” said Mr. O’Donnell.

Mr. O’Donnell told the Toledo Blade that the composition, scope, and mission of a legislative committee being formed to examine the continued need for such requirements is crucial to Ohio’s energy future – especially that of northwest Ohio, which had been depending on expanded solar energy, wind power, biomass, and other clean energy sectors for jobs and economic growth.

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