Attorney Stuart Scott Spoke to the Nashville Business Journal about the State’s New Workers’ Compensation Law

July 29, 2014
Recently, Attorney Stuart Scott spoke to Scott Harrison from the Nashville Business Journal for the publication’s cover story, “With injuries and justice for all: Tennessee’s new workers’ comp landscape”.

As of July 1, all work-related injury claims in the state of Tennessee feed into a process created from a significant overhaul to the system made by the General Assembly last year. The reform turns Tennessee from the exception to the norm in the United States. “The new law shifts back the pendulum to make it be a more even playing field and bring it back to center,” Scott told the Nashville Business Journal. “Before, instead of an even standard for both sides, [the] tie would go to the runner. Employers didn’t get a fair shake.”

To read the full article and Mr. Scott’s comments, please click here.
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