Attorney Ralph Levy Writes Article on Business Acumen for Inside Counsel

June 25, 2015
On June 23, 2015 an article appeared in Inside Counsel written by Dickinson Wright Nashville Attorney Ralph Levy. “Beyond the letter of the law: Why business acumen matters for outside counsel” highlighted four attributes in-house counsel should look for when determining their external legal team’s business acumen.

Mr. Levy writes that outside attorneys who have a deep understanding of how legal issues influence a business’s finances, operations, product and marketing, and who take the time to understand key issues in the company’s industry and within the company itself, are much more valuable to a business than attorneys who limit their efforts to legal issues only. The four business acumen attributes he mentions in the article include: a strong book of business, shrewd industry insight, in-house experience and firm-wide diversity.

“This kind of outside counsel allows legal departments to better forecast their company’s needs, improve its management and develop legal and organizational strategies on a proactive basis that will support a company’s long-term objectives and improve its profitability,” Mr. Levy writes.

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