Gaming Lawyer Michael Lipton Comments on QuickDraft Fantasy Sports App for the Toronto Globe and Mail

December 11, 2015
Toronto Gaming Lawyer Michael Lipton recently spoke to the Toronto Globe and Mail about a daily fantasy sports app for the article, “TheScore bets on daily fantasy sports with QuickDraft launch”.

TheScore Inc. says that it has come up with a version of daily fantasy sports that will pass legal muster in both Canada and the U.S. The difference: QuickDraft will be free for its online users, which the company’s management believes makes it legal under the Canadian and U.S. criminal codes.

Michael Lipton, a partner in the firm’s Toronto office who is an expert in gambling laws, says that free fantasy games do not violate the criminal code even if cash prizes are offered. “As soon as you have risk consideration and prize, you are into a situation where there is gambling. If you offer a free site and people play for points and whoever has the most points gets a prize or cash, that is okay,” Lipton said.

To read the complete article about TheScore’s new app, please click here.
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