Las Vegas Attorney Michael Feder Speaks to Nevada Business About Intellectual Property

September 1, 2015
In the article “Where the Mind Matters: Intellectual Property” (9/1/15), Las Vegas Attorney spoke to Nevada Business about the different areas of intellectual property and how companies can protect their intellectual property assets.

“When we get involved with a business, whether small or large, that’s one of the first questions we have, from a trademark sense,” says Feder. He asks clients several questions including: what names are you using for your products? Have you registered those with the copyright office? and much more.

He goes on to discuss the patent pilot program the federal government implemented in several states, including Nevada, aimed at changing procedural law, in an effort to make patent litigation more streamlined and efficient. The program provides “more procedure to assist the court and parties involved so, rather than spending years litigating these cases, they can get to the heart of the case load quicker,” says Feder.

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