Attorneys Jennifer Ko Craft, John Dawson and Michael Feder Interviewed by the Las Vegas Business Press about Media, Sports and Entertainment Practice

October 12, 2015
In the article “NHL team arrival could change Vegas”, Dickinson Wright Attorneys Jennifer Ko Craft, John Dawson and Michael Feder talk to the Las Vegas Business Press about helping entertainers and athletes protect their intellectual property and their estates, especially if the NHL awards a franchise to Las Vegas.

“If we can get a major team into the city, it would change the dynamics of the city as a whole, especially if it succeeds,” Feder said. “The worst thing that could happen is to get a team and have it not supported by the fan base. If it comes in and does well, it will change our city completely in terms of becoming a much more metropolitan city as opposed to being just what it is right now from a gaming side.”

The article also delves into the challenge of social media for entertainers. “Nowadays, the violation can be instantaneous,” Craft said. “Someone at a concert has their Periscope app opened and they record the show. That is infringement. You have to be constantly vigilant about policing and protecting your intellectual property.”

John Dawson also works to protect the assets of his celebrity clients. “I’ve seen situations where Uncle Al comes in and has a sure-fire deal for the athlete,” he said. “The athlete doesn’t want to tell Uncle Al I don’t want to do that deal, so the lawyers can be the bad guy. Lawyers can be useful in being the bad guy in stopping some of the things that go down.”

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