Nashville Attorney Keith Dennen Speaks to Nashville Medical News About HIPAA Compliance

August 13, 2015
In the article “I Didn’t Know’ Isn’t a Defense in HIPAA Violations,” (8/13/15), Nashville Attorney Keith Dennen spoke to Nashville Medical News about one of the biggest issues that continues to plague the healthcare industry – HIPAA compliance.

“It used to be that doctors worried about malpractice. Thanks to tort caps that issue is practically gone. Now they worry about HIPAA,” says Dennen. “The reason is, of course, that all you have to do is make one little mistake, and suddenly it’s 1) national news, and 2) everyone and their brother is fining you.”

Dennen goes on to discuss the latest HIPAA violations and fines in the healthcare industry and what companies should be doing to protect themselves.

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