Nashville Attorney Keith Dennen Interviewed by the Tennessean about Healthcare

July 24, 2014
Recently, Healthcare Attorney Keith Dennen was interviewed by Tennessean reporter Shelley DuBois for “Who can whiten your teeth or perform acupuncture?”

In the interview, Mr. Dennen discusses that the push to contain health care costs has sparked turf wars – specifically the Tennessee Attorney General’s opinion that said under a statute that a physical therapist cannot perform dry needling procedures because it falls under the purview of acupuncture.

“If you look at the opinion, essentially what you’re saying is that if somebody else has a certain service within their scope of practice, we’re not going to allow you to do it,” said Dennen. “Again, I expect the physical therapist to show up on the hill, and I expect a bill to come out that allows them to do dry needling.”

To read the complete interview, please click here.
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