Healthcare Attorney Keith Dennen Discusses ACA with the Tennessean

December 11, 2015
In the article “Businesses differ on ACA decisions” that was featured in the Tennessean recently, Dickinson Wright Attorney Keith Dennen explains the affect that the ACA will have on small businesses in 2016.

As of January 1, small businesses with 50-99 employees will have to offer full-time employees health insurance or risk paying a penalty. Many business owners in Nashville are grappling with what choice to make that will benefit their employees and not hurt their company’s bottom line.

Even though the mandate has been on the horizon for year, some business owners are just venturing into what it means for their business. “Part of it is that they have had their heads in the sand, hoping it would disappear, hoping it would be repealed,” said Keith. “Part of it is human nature, ‘I’ll deal with it when it happens.’ It’s happening now.”

To read the full article in the Tennessean, please click here.
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