Attorney Kate Lowenhar-Fisher Comments on Legalizing Sports Betting in the NFL

March 29, 2017
Gaming Attorney Kate Lowenhar-Fisher recently spoke to Yahoo! Finance for their article “Las Vegas Raiders could be the NFL’s gambling tipping point.” The article focused on what the recent move of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas means for NFL’s stance on sports gambling.

“The funny thing is, in many ways it won’t move the needle at all,” says Kate Lowenhar-Fisher. Her argument: even though the NFL is allowing a team to call Nevada home, that doesn’t mean it has to support gambling anywhere other than in Nevada.

“We are all going to have to confront the reality that there’s no difference between a team located one mile from the Las Vegas strip and its books vs. a team located 400 miles,” she said. “In this day and age, with all the connectivity, and the fact that wagering can happen on my phone, using an app, in the state of Nevada, you can’t tell me it makes any difference in terms of game integrity.”

To read the complete article and watch her interview, please click here.
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