Attorney Kate Lowenhar-Fisher Featured in "All Eyes On NFL After SG Weights In On Sports Betting," published by Law360

May 31, 2017
Gaming Attorney Kate Lowenhar-Fisher was recently quoted in the article “All Eyes on NFL SG Weighs In on Sports Betting,” published by Law360.

The article discusses the implications of the acting U.S. Solicitor General’s advising the Supreme Court to not take the challenge to the federal prohibition on states allowing sports gambling. Now all eyes are turned to the NFL to see if they will come around after approving the Oakland Raiders’ move to Las Vegas, which is one of the handful states allowed to have sports betting and the only one with a full-on sports betting system.

“Obviously, we have seen sort of a gradual, for some of the sports leagues, warming to the idea of sports betting, assuming that sports leagues get a piece of the action,” said Ms. Lowenhar-Fisher. “The NFL has finally come to Las Vegas, so we have gotten over this silly idea that being close to sports books somehow taints the game…so I think the leagues are inexorably moving in that direction.”

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