Attorney Kate Lowenhar-Fisher Quote in ESPN Article on the Supreme Court's Decision to take up New Jersey Sports Betting Appeal

June 29, 2017
Gaming Attorney Kate Lowenhar-Fisher was recently quoted in the article “Supreme Court will hear New Jersey sports betting appeal: What’s next?” published by ESPN.

The United States Supreme Court recently agreed to hear New Jersey’s appeal in the state’s long-running quest to offer legalized sports betting. The legal dispute could result in a dramatic change in how the nation approaches sports gambling.

The question remains will any of these developments be enough to move sports leagues away from using PASPA to shut down further expansion of state-sponsored sports betting.

“Unless and until there’s an economic imperative for the professional sports leagues to get behind sports betting – and I mean more than just words – it won’t happen,” Ms. Lowenhar-Fisher told ESPN. “The illegal sports betting market is huge, and I doubt that the widespread legal betting market would bring in millions of new viewers. People who like to bet on sports already do.”

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