Attorneys Joseph McKinney and Joshua Burgener Write Article for Nashville Business Journal on Ride-Hailing Apps

July 14, 2015
With the rise in popularity of app-based ride-hailing services, such as Uber and Lyft, the legal question of employee classification arises. In the article, “Scrutiny of ride-hailing apps offers legal reminder to all employers” (7/14/15), by Nashville Attorneys Joseph McKinney and Joshua Burgener, they examine the difference between employing an independent contractor and a full-time employee.

“As technology continues to mold the business landscape, it begs the question: are the legal definitions of contractors and employees keeping pace with the times? Perhaps not,” they write. “After all, ride-hailing apps companies are litigating the same issue Hearst’s newsboys were contesting in 1944: whether these workers were independent contractors or employees.”

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