Attorney Jason Klingensmith Talks to Law360 about Maximizing Firm Productivity

June 15, 2015
Recently, Dickinson Wright Attorney Jason Klingensmith was quoted in the article, “5 Ways to Maximize Your Firm’s Productivity” by Law360.

The article highlights five tips on how to make your firm a more productive, profitable and efficient place, including: broaden partner goals, align firm work and client goals, increase efficiency, staff correctly and manage well, and choose the right strategies.

Mr. Klingensmith, a member in the firm’s Detroit office and a member of the firm’s management committee, told Law360 that more and better business comes out of a well-known practice: keeping clients happy. He says that a firm that wants to keep its productivity level high needs to make sure it’s using its resources as well as it can while meeting or exceeding client expectations.

“In the 15 years I’ve been here, our focus is really on the clients and what they want and need, and tailoring our services to them because that drives repeat customers, retained clients and increased demand,” he says.

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