Dickinson Wright Attorneys to Answer Questions on the Affordable Care Act During a Sunrise Seminar

February 18, 2013
As provisions for the Affordable Healthcare Act begin to kick in, employers are still faced with a lot of questions on how the new law will affect their business. Attorneys at Dickinson Wright PLLC will attempt to alleviate the concerns of employers during the Sunrise Seminar “The Affordable Care Act – Preparing for 2014” on Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

At this seminar, attorneys will cover a range of topics including how to determine if you are a large employer? What are the penalties if a large employer does not offer health coverage? When must employees be offered the chance to enroll in the employer’s plan? What are the new reporting requirements? All these questions and more will be answered during the breakfast seminar at Automation Alley. Below are the event details.

Dickinson Wright Sunrise Seminar: “The Affordable Care Act – Preparing for 2014”

             Tuesday, February 26th
Time:             8:30 a.m.
Location:      Automation Alley 
                       2675 Bellingham Drive 
                       Troy, MI

For more information, please contact Mellissa Boyd at 313-223-3125 or mboyd@dickinsonwright.com.
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