Attorney Derek Crownover Wrote Article on Valuing Music Publishing Catalogs for Nekst.Biz

October 24, 2014
Everyone is looking at more accurate ways to value music publishing catalog assets in the new digital economy, says Nashville Attorney Derek Crownover in his latest article “Valuing Music Publishing Catalogs”, published on Nekst.Biz.

He says that many valuation experts are trashing the old “NPS” or net publisher’s share multiple valuations and moving toward “Regression,” “IRR,” “Net Cashflow Value” and/or “Current and Future Activity Values” and/or combinations of all the above to make their valuation decisions. In the article, Derek examines each of these new options and declares its time that valuators of music catalogs re-evaluate their methods.

“With all of these new issues to evaluate, as well as potential changes to the U.S. Copyright Act being discussed, valuators of music catalogs are forced to re-evaluate their methods given the new digital trends and the fierce competition in the publishing marketplace,” says Derek.

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