Attorney N. Courtney Hollins Wrote Article about Office Lease Pitfalls for Yahoo! Small Business

August 26, 2014
An article written by Nashville Attorney N. Courtney Hollins recently appeared on Yahoo! Small Business’ website in regards to commercial real estate.

“5 Legal Pitfalls that Lurk in Your Office Lease” gives small business owners tips on how to avoid costly fees in their commercial office leases. Ms. Hollins writes that “if you don’t really understand what you are signing, your business could find itself in jeopardy. For example, you could greatly underestimate the cost of your space, or you might inadvertently violate a clause of the lease that could cost you dearly, or you could be surprised to find your expansion (or contraction) options severely limited.”

Ms. Hollins outlines the five pitfalls in office leases as CAM Fees, Occupancy Provisions, Liabilities, Usage Rights, and Improvement Allowances. She goes into detail on what pitfalls lurk in each category and how to remedy the situation in office leases to keep costs down. To read the full article, please click here.
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