Attorney Courtney Hollins Comments on the Nashville Banking Industry for the Nashville Business Journal

July 22, 2014
Recently, Nashville Attorney Courtney Hollins spoke to Nashville Business Journal Reporter Scott Harrison about the state of the banking industry in the article, “What’s keeping the big national banks from taking over Nashville?”

In the article, Ms. Hollins states that Nashville is a pretty unique market for banks with a heavy number of Tennessee banks. “While they don’t have the depth to offer the products and services the national banks offer, and they certainly can’t offer loans the size of those national players, they do have the benefit of longstanding relationships in the market,” said Hollins.

The local heads of the PNC, BB&T and JPMorgan all say they’ve seen positive growth thus far in Nashville. Yet sources in the industry say the recent influx of large national banks and other out-of-state players isn’t causing the sizable shift in the Nashville banking landscape one may expect.

To read the full article with Ms. Hollins’ comments, please click here.
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