Toronto Lawyer Cherie Brant Comments on Rule Changes for Indigenous Businesses in the Globe and Mail

December 11, 2015
In a Toronto Globe and Mail article that was published this week, Dickinson Wright Lawyer Cherie Brant sheds insight on to a rule change that helped the Shawanaga First Nation gain more direct control over their lands.

“Rule changes to reserve lands mark new hope for indigenous businesses” by Jeff Gray discusses the Shawanaga First Nation process of adopting a “land code” that gives the bank municipality-like powers and exempt them from parts of the controversial Indian Act. This means that they can now make their own deals with business partners and handle the cash itself. The band first started looking into drafting a land code in 2009 and hired Dickinson Wright Lawyer Cherie Brant, who is a member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and specializes in acting for First Nations.

“The First Nation is totally in the driver’s seat,” she said. “If they wanted to, they could sign an agreement and put in place a partnership [with an outside business partner] within 90 days. And that’s just unheard of in the status quo.”

To read the full article about the Shawanaga First Nation, please click here.
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