Nashville Attorney Autumn Gentry Writes About Non-Competes for The Tennessean

September 25, 2015
Once reserved for executives and tech firm employees, non-compete agreements have become a regular fixture of the first day paperwork stack, writes Nashville Attorney Autumn Gentry in the article “Craft non-competes that work for employers, employees” (9/25/15) for The Tennessean.

In the article, Ms. Gentry gives readers advice on how to craft non-compete agreements that are enforceable as well as reasonable. She says that employers should keep in mind to define a defensible business interest you are protecting; balance the give and take; and to keep restrictions to a minimum when crafting these agreements.

“Fostering innovation and preserving confidentiality shouldn’t be mutually exclusive interests,” Ms. Gentry writes. “Both parties can be appeased through creating a fair and balanced agreement and knowing when to use it.”

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