Attorney Presents Seminar on Green Design, Green Building and Green Leasing

Dickinson Wright Attorney Presents Seminar on Green Design, Green Building and Green Leasing

Dickinson Wright real estate attorney Leslie M. Lewis, will present a telephone seminar/audio Webcast entitled "Drafting Effective Contracts for Green Design, Green Building and Green Leasing: Is it Easy?" This one-hour seminar, presented by the American Law Institute and the American Bar Association (ALI-ABA), will be held live on Tuesday, February 24 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This Webcast is available at and will be archived on the ALI-ABA site for future viewing. Ms. Lewis will explain the insightful, articulate contracts needed for sustainable projects. Ms. Lewis also will explain how existing consensus contracts and laws, without further action, may be better equipped to quash green building than to cultivate it, and why many litigation attorneys even see green building as the next wave of products liability, professional liability and contractor liability litigation. This presentation is intended to teach attendees basic strategies they can use now to help their clients avoid disputes, regrets and misunderstandings later. The one-hour program will include:
  • A summary of developing legal risks to green building
  • Examples of effective (and unintentionally ineffective) green building ordinances
  • Special drafting considerations for green building contracts for: the owner's counsel, the architect's counsel, the contractor's counsel, the consultant's counsel, the landlord's counsel, the tenant's counsel
  • Suggested modifications to consensus forms for green building
  • Suggested resources available to attorneys involved in green building
  • About the Speaker Leslie M. Lewis is an attorney in Dickinson Wright's Grand Rapids office. She focuses her practice in real estate law and banking and financial services. She serves as general corporate counsel to businesses; counsel to banks in loan originations; counsel to businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, and individuals in real estate purchase, sale, and leasing transactions; counsel to developers and condominium associations in real estate developments; and counsel to owners, contractors and developers in construction projects. For more information, visit
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