Attorneys Anna Maiuri and Joseph McKinney Write Article on Diversity for Today's General Counsel

July 2, 2015
“Diversity – Driven RFPs Can Help Secure Your Preferred Outside Firm” by Dickinson Wright Attorneys Anna Maiuri and Joseph McKinney was featured in the June/July edition of Today’s General Counsel.

In the article, they discuss the evolution of diversity in the legal industry and how RFPs can be used as a tool for in-house counsel to find the appropriate outside counsel. Today, “diversity” has become a watchword in the corporate world, a touchstone that strives to ensure fairness and equal opportunity, and demonstrates a willingness to account for a broad range of perspectives, the authors wrote.

In RFPs for outside firms, we’re starting to see more requests for specific information on diversity, including statistics and hard numbers. The authors discuss key indicators that an outside firm values diversity, including the firm’s proactive efforts, such as a diversity committee and attending workshops and recruiting fairs that stress diversity.

“Again, it isn’t just about ticking off boxes in categories,” the authors write. “A firm that truly embraces diversity will manifest a level of acceptance that includes and embraces people from diverse cultures and allows them to succeed. Diversity must be paired with inclusion or you’re back in the mindset of past decades.”

To read the full article in Today’s General Counsel, please click here.
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