October 22, 2013

Two Way Trading Relationship: Doing Business in Canada and the United States

Dickinson Wright PLLC is pleased to announce that it will conduct a webinar, in conjunction with Lorman Education Services, titled “Two Way Trading Relationship: Doing Business in Canada and the United States” on October 22, 2013.

Canada and the United States enjoy the world’s largest bilateral trading relationship, with nearly $2 billion in trade and 300,000 persons crossing the Canada – U.S. border each day. The Canada – U.S. business relationship is also the most integrated in the world, with 1/3 of its trade occurring within cross-border companies and another 1/3 occurring within bi-national supply chains. This live webinar will feature Dickinson Wright Attorneys Mark High, Andrae Marrocco, and Dan Ujczo who will provide updates on matters of Canada – U.S. corporate law and review real-world case studies. This webinar will benefit both those attendees currently operating in the cross-border environment, as well as those seeking to enter the Canadian market.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the current macro issues between Canada and the U.S. impacting cross-border businesses; discuss options for entering the cross-border market; identify and establish corporate presence in Canada and the United States; and describe the moving of goods across the Canada – U.S. border and customs compliance.

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