May 1, 2014

So you want to Franchise your Business?

Complimentary live webinar

Franchising is a hot topic right now because it’s a great opportunity to expand your business. There is a lot of information out there that can explain how to franchise your business but do you fully understand the pros, cons and alternative options?

We're bringing together two experts with two distinctly different perspectives to debate and explain the issues:

  •  What are the facts, truths, & caveats about franchising?
  •  Are there alternatives to franchising I should be considering?
  •  What should be my next step?

Join our experts for this 60-minute webinar on Thursday, May 1st from 2-3pm.

It's a battle of the experts - lawyer vs accountant:

  •  Ned Levitt, a partner in the legal firm Dickinson Wright
  •  Kathy Steffan, a partner in the accounting firm Welch LLP

Register now if you want realistic truths & actionable outcomes.

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