December 10, 2013

National Business Institute's Attorney Guide to Accounting

Do you understand basic accounting terms, ratios and statements? Can you apply this knowledge to create a clear understanding of the overall picture? Do you know how to identify red flags in accounting records? Having a firm grasp of accounting terms and being able to interpret the numbers on financial statements is imperative when evaluating a business’s value and activity. At National Business Institute’s “Attorney’s Guide to Accounting” Seminar, build your skills with this practical walkthrough of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements, so you can quickly evaluate a business’s financial story and identify any red flags.

Attorney Ralph Levy Jr. will speak at this seminar on the topic of “Complying with Ethical Standards.” Participants will also learn how to read financial statements and interpret them, enhance your credibility with financial experts, build your understanding of accounting practices, calculate important financial ratios, and quickly recognize potential red flags. To register for this seminar, please click here.
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Doubletree Hotel Nashville
315 Fourth Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee


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