June 9, 2014

Use of Mobile Applications and Wireless Technology for Patient Care

Join Attorney Brian Balow for “Use of Mobile Applications and Wireless Technology for Patient Care” on Monday, June 9, 2014 at the Compuware Building in Detroit. This event is sponsored by Mobile Monday Detroit.

With mHealth capabilities estimated to be a $4.6 billion market segment in 2014, it is becoming increasingly important that the healthcare, insurance and mobile/wireless industries take a closer look at this opportunity for significantly improving healthcare and what issues need to be overcome in order to capitalize on the opportunity, as well as how these industries can work together to maximize the opportunity.

Mr. Balow will discuss the legal issues related to liability. He will cover topics, including: what types of risks should be considered when releasing a mobile medical app; how can mobile/wireless technology specialists protect themselves from lawsuits related to technology failure; is a technology provider responsible if a healthcare professional mis-uses the technology and harms a patient; and is the healthcare professional responsible if a technology error harms a patient.

Mr. Balow will be joined on the panel by Ward Detwiler, project manager for Henry Ford Innovations and Chuck Marlin, partner at Healthcare Technology Solutions and Chairman of MTAM mHealth Advisory Council.

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Compuware Building
One Campus Martius
Detroit, Michigan
Registration Required