December 14, 2015

H-1B Professional Worker Visa Sponsorship: Getting Ready for Another Year of Craziness

This on-demand webinar will discuss the following topics:

  • How the H-1B visa sponsorship system really works
  • How to successfully and safely hire temporary foreign workers
  • What the risks and benefits are and how to ensure that your company and HR team stays in strict compliance with the counter-intuitive DHS and DOL laws and regulations

Viewers will also learn the following during this one-hour webinar:

  • What is the H-1B work visa “cap”/quota system and who is subject to the annual visa lottery on April 1?
  • F-1 International Students with Optional Practical Training work authorization
    • How long can they work in the U.S. on that status and when/how to change them to H-1B Professional Workers?
  • Placing H-1B Professional Workers at third party, client worksites
    • What is required to ensure visa sponsorship approval?
  • H-1B Professional Worker Mobility – How to safely move a foreign worker to a new worksite and stay in compliance.

To view this webinar, please click here.

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